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to exploit his tight range. High PFR = wide ranges so you can 3 bet steal wider. Placement: Put this in your table HUD, and. Top 10 Poker HUD Stats.Learn the basics of online poker stats with RegalPoker. Find out how to use the PFR stat and how to use it along with the VPIP effectively.

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A guide to using and understanding VPIP and PFR in online poker statistics.Poker Strategy; STT Strategy; fifty50. 13.28 BB (VPIP: 8.33, PFR: 6.98, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 50). Your over calling range is nearly 5%.

In this VPIP & PFR video I cover the following: • What is VPIP and PFR • How to interpret these poker HUD stat %'s • Understanding which poker hands.LOC Power Pallet Trucks A good, safe working environment is paramount to employers. Identifying and minimising physical danger allows a well organised workplace to.Check out our official guide for the best poker tools to use in 2017.Poker HUD Stats: The Basics For Live Players 2015-03-15 2017-04-07 Red Chip Poker 200px 200px.I realize some online poker sites do not allow HUDs and/or tracking software,. Conversely, a lower VP$IP or PFR means a stronger range of hands.Good players understand that aggressive poker is winning poker, and thus a smaller AF usually denotes a player who is weak in poker understanding.Tournament Poker Poker Forums What do successful MTT pro stats look like?. what their VPIP/PFR looks like,. with a value range of TT+, AKs, AKo,.

How to Optimize Your HUD for Today's. Player Name / Number of Hands / VPIP / PFR. This is another crucially important stat as it tells me what sort of range my.

Seven Key Poker Stats. you've probably seen or heard the terms "VP$IP" or "PFR" or "AF. Anything outside that range past microstakes is almost always the.other poker players. The AJA Premium HUD. 2Bet is a much better indicator of an opponent's opening range. Switching from PFR to 2Bet.Poker Software and Using the PFR% Indicator. When you first start using poker software you may find like many. You could expect a wide range of hands from this.What are the typical stats for VPIP, PFR, 3bet etc. of a good TAG and a LAG in NL high-stakes heads up poker?.My name is Sky Matsuhashi and I’m dedicated to making YOU a better poker player. Percentage Form and Color Coding. So my own color coding ranges for PFR.Poker Range Analysis. Whit this app you can analyze the equity of a hole hand in front of many ranges (1 to 8). You can define the ranges by % (VPIP or PFR), the app.

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If you are playing 10 handed and a player is playing about 4 hands per orbit, they have a VPIP of about 40%.How often did they call preflop and then fold to the CB on the flop.

One of the fundamental components of a poker strategy is frequently raising preflop. Learn how to adjust your strategy to your position in the game.

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Home / PokerSnowie's pre-flop strategy: Opening the pot. PokerSnowie's ranges. PokerSnowie powers a range of poker training and coaching tools which will.A low PFR can mean various things, and this is why we usually look at VPIP and PFR together.A high VPIP lets us know that a player is very active preflop, while a low VPIP lets us know that a player is being much more selective with their hands.Get help setting up your poker hud stats so you can play online poker better. A wider EP PFR tends to imply they have a wider range that might not offer as.

A HUD stat is just a percentage showing how often a player makes a certain play.A sub dedicated to high quality poker strategy and theory discussion. (I think also not having a lead range is fine fwiw,. VPIP: 37, PFR: 24, 3B: 10, AF: 1.8,.

By using VPIP and PFR we do not know for sure villain range for calling 2bet preflop. VPIP / PFR replaced with RFI. No Poker Strategy points for the last 4.Well apart from not providing the complete GTO solution to post-flop poker (!),. GTO: 6-max GTO opening ranges. So let's say you're on the button.Essential Poker Statistics You Need to Know. Calling preflop just in case the flop is good for you is not a winning poker strategy. What is a good PFR range?.

A high PFR lets us know that a player is raising and playing a lot of their preflop hands aggressively.VPIP and PFR debate in Poker Calculators. it is just correct position play. I play a wider range in late position and I typically open raise.Tournament Poker Poker Forums sit n go hud ranges or track. orange and red. i wannna use obviously vpip,pfr,3bet,agg factor,cbet,fold cbet,steal,fold 2.

As you can see, every stat, other than the number of hands, is simply a percentage.In this first post I will cover three of the most basic poker stats, total hands, VPIP and PFR. Also remember that if you think someone has a specific range of.And how far down the SC tree do you go?My stats look something like PFR 15% UTG,. Gen. Poker 1,518 threads. UTG/MP opening ranges in 6-max?.

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One of the most effective ways to increase your online poker profits is to use poker. How to Interpret Your Opponent’s Poker. PFR has a 25% cold-calling range.