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The MSC 112 determines whether or not the mobile station 140 is allowed to proceed with the registration process (except, e.g., in the case of a 911 call, wherein no registration process is required).Consequentially the home base station message type could be routed without any digital signal processing.

Note that a list of such environmental characteristics may include such factors as: area type, time of day, season.For example, such system parameters as those used for determining the size of a geographical area to be specified when retrieving location signal data of known MS locations from the historical (location signature) data base can substantially affect the location processing.In brief, each of the various GPS embodiments have the same fundamental problems of limited reception of the satellite signals and added expense and complexity of the electronics required for an inexpensive location mobile station or handset for detecting and receiving the GPS signals from the satellites.By depressing and releasing the dice at the same time, the player starts the ball rolling(or spinning in this case).For example, the deadreckoning MBS location estimator may be reset when an MBS operator manually enters an MBS location or verifies an MBS location, or a computed MBS location has sufficiently high confidence.That is, the weighting, for each of the single area type prediction mapped cluster densities, is the fraction of the total area that this area type is.The most likelihood estimator 1344 receives a collection of active or relevant location hypotheses from the hypothesis analyzer 1332 and uses these location hypotheses to determine one or more most likely estimates for the target MS 140.

Note, however, that the deadreckoning MBS location estimator is periodically reset so that the error accumulation in its outputs can be decreased.Free Space Path Loss (L P ) Slow fading loss or margin (L slow ) Fast fading loss or margin (L fast ).Accordingly, by using such a distributed antenna FOM 1224 (FIG. 8 ( 1 )), an embodiment of the present disclosure may determine the floor of a multi-story building from which a target MS is transmitting.In providing this capability, there are various related embodiments of the hypothesis evaluator that are within the scope of the present disclosure.Alternatively, activation of the FOMs may be in the consequents of such expert system rules.Some investigators, when investigating such signal characteristics of areas have used somewhat naive area classifications such as urban, suburban, rural, etc.Moreover, also note that there may be multiple command schedulers.

Additionally, note that in cases where RF measurements from a target MS 140 are received across multiple net areas, multiple ANNs may be activated, thus providing multiple MS location estimates.In particular, MS location data may be displayed on this display as a nested collection of areas, each smaller nested area being the most likely area within (any) encompassing area for locating a target MS 140.In general, the definitions here are also defined elsewhere in this document as well.

That is, by activating each LBS stationary transceiver so that there is signal communication between the stationary transceiver and surrounding base stations within range, wireless signal characteristic values for the location of the stationary transceiver are obtained for each such base station.Thus, A is categorized (in a corresponding P 0 area type) both according to its terrain and the base station infrastructure configuration in the radio coverage area 120.In fact, it is an important aspect of the present disclosure that the most likely MS location estimate is determined by computationally forming a composite MS location estimate utilizing such a plurality of location hypotheses so that, for example, location estimate similarities between location hypotheses can be effectively utilized.Thus, an embodiment of the present disclosure is able to take into account changes in the location topography over time without extensive manual data manipulation.Of course, hybrids between the first two embodiments can also be provided.User:BD2412/military glossary. LOC Line Of Communication; LOS Line Of Sight;. MAPS Modular Azimuth Position System; MAR Micro Assault Rifle.For instance, environmental characteristics may be taken into account here, such as time of day, season, month, weather, geographical area categorizations (e.g., dense urban, urban, suburban, rural, mountain, etc.), area subcategorizations (e.g., heavily treed, hilly, high traffic area, etc.). A detailed description of one embodiment of this module is provided in APPENDIX D hereinbelow.

Although some data held very correlations, other data and environments produced poor results.For further information regarding such expert systems, the following reference is incorporated herein by reference: Waterman, D. A. (1970). A guide to expert systems.Alternatively in another embodiment, note that the collection C may be determined from (i) the existing engineering and planning data from service providers who are planning wireless cell sites, or (ii) service provider test data obtained using mobile test sets, access probes or other RF field measuring devices.One consequence from a location perspective is that the effective range of values for higher exponents is an increased at higher frequencies, thus providing improved granularity of ranging correlation.Efforts to perform correlations between radio signals and distance between a base station and a mobile station are similarly complex.Regarding (23.8.3), the greater the density of base stations 122, the less problematic multipath may become in locating an MS 140.However, since an MBS 148 may not be in constant communication with the fixed location BS network (and indeed may be off-line for substantial periods of time), on-board highly accurate timing device may be necessary.

Moreover, note that in some embodiments, a frequency may also be associated with each local maximum.The loop is supposed to generate and track photon positions in the zenith and azimuth. //STEP 5: Roulette to determine if the. 130 LOC in one function, but.Moreover, the output from such a model may include: a latitude and longitude for a center of a circle having radius R (R may be an input to such an artificial neural network), and is in the output format of the distance model(s).AES E-Library Complete. Quasi maximally flat, requiring k2 = O. k3 > O. 2 ( lOc ) k ~. compensated values for fs and fp could wTs ( O ).Note that it is intended that each such FOM 1224 use a different technique for determining a location area estimate for the target MS 140.W e w is h Drum Major Loc kwood a sp. Roulette evening which has been a. ftJJ t h e air with fum es and noise as t h ey p r epare on 17th September, 1968.For indicating particular types of environmental classifications not readily.2.3 cross-range or azimuth resolution; 2.4 synthetic aperture radar (sar) necessity; 2.5 em imaging for content coding; 2.6 conclusions; references.

In particular, artificial neural networks (also denoted neural nets and ANNs herein) are used in some embodiments as implicitly adaptive MS location estimators within FOMs.Note that the performance value is a value between 0 and 1 wherein a value of 0 indicates that the model is a poor performer, while a value of 1 indicates that the model is always (or substantially always) accurate in determining an MS location under the conditions (and in the area) being considered.A value, path match(i), representing to what extent the path matches any known transportation pathway is computed.The final adjustment to the First Order Model confidence values as computed by the Context Adjuster is computed according to.LOC – Line Of Communication;. MAPS – Modular Azimuth Position System;. WTS – Wing Transportation Squadron (USMC) X.That is, such a surface is generated by the signal processing subsystem 1220 from signal characteristics accumulated over (a relatively short) time interval.For example, it may uneconomical to provide high traffic wireless voice coverage of a typical wireless base station 122 in a nature preserve or at a fair ground that is only populated a few days out of the year.

Method and system for communicating media based on location of media source US7831270 18. maj 2006 9. nov 2010 Cisco Technology, Inc.For example, the most likelihood estimator 1344 may be able to impose a confidence value of zero (i.e., meaning it is unknown as to whether the target MS is in the area) on each such poor reception area regardless of the location estimate confidence values unless there is a location hypothesis from a reliable and unanticipated source.In particular, a system parameter specifying a minimum size for such a geographical area may, if too large, cause unnecessary inaccuracies in locating an MS.In a particularly small urban area, of say less than 500 square feet, the number of RF signals and their multipath components may vary by over 100 percent.In addition to pre-owned Rolex watches, we carry a wide range of quality watches from top watch companies including Azimuth Watches. Shop today!.In particular, such mechanism may be used to adjust the matrix of weights for the ANNs so that very good, near optimal ANN configurations may be found efficiently.Brand: Azimuth Model: King Casino Condition: BNIB Year of Purchase:. The King Casino was introduced in 2015, inspired by Roulette and Baccarat games.System and method for providing location based services over a network US8082096 28. jan 2008 20. dec 2011 Tracbeam Llc Wireless location routing applications and architecture therefor US8085671 27. feb 2006 27. dec 2011 Cisco Technology, Inc.Moreover, as archive data becomes substantially inapplicable, it should be filtered from the archive altogether.

Moreover, location hypotheses may also include a text field for providing a reason for the values of one or more of the location hypothesis fields.In brief, the hypothesis analyzer 1332 receives target MS 140 location hypotheses from the context analyzer 1336, and depending on the time stamps of newly received location hypotheses and any previous (i.e., older) target MS location hypotheses that may still be currently available to the hypothesis analyzer 1332, the hypothesis analyzer may.Additionally, the LC 142 may provide location information to an MS 140, via a BS 122.In particular, this module modifies location hypotheses received from the FOMs 1224 so that the resulting location hypotheses output by the context adjuster 1326 may be further processed uniformly and substantially without concern as to differences in accuracy between the first order models from which location hypotheses originate.

Reference to (if non-NULL) an extrapolated MS target estimate area provided.For example, a baseline location estimator that receives MBS location estimates from reflective codes provided, for example, on streets or street signs can be straightforwardly incorporated into the MBS location subsystem 1508.Reference to a substantially minimal area (e.g., mesh cell) covering of.View all 22.5K Instagram photos & videos tagged with #jualalbummurah on INK361.Azimuth - Azimuth Roulette - The entire dial of this unique gaming timepiece is shaped like a Roulette table right out of the casino. Specially modified movement.

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Note that the estimated loc sigs are determined using verified location signatures in the Location Signature data base.In some cases a mobile station 140 ( FIG. 4 ) may be able to detect up to three or four pilot channels representing three to four base stations, or as few as one pilot channel, depending upon the environment and wireless network configuration.In such a case, the confidence of the target MS location estimate from the MBS location hypothesis may take precedence.

Thus, if the confidence value is, for example, excessively low then the area estimate may be increased as a technique for increasing the confidence value.In particular, instead of supplying area type as an input to this function, a particular area, A, may be provided such as the image area for a cluster set area, or, the portion of such an image area in a particular area type.